Leipzig article in Football Weekends

WE’VE been in the news again with an article on controversial German Bundesliga club RB Leipzig in the excellent Football Weekends magazine.

THERE’S a trendy new place to visit in Germany and it has been making a lot of noise in footballing circles these past couple of years.

The city of Leipzig was at the heart of the game’s development in Germany. The sport first emerged there in the 1890s and VFB Leipzig were the first German champions. In  January 1900, the Deutscher Fußball-Bund was formed in Leipzig. As part of the old DDR, Leipzig was a major urban centre, but its economic and cultural importance declined during the Soviet years. Yet the city played a key part in the fall of communism – in October 1989, the residents of Leipzig took to the streets bearing the banners, “We are the People”. It sparked peaceful protests involving 100,000 – “outside of Berlin, people were willing to take risks” – and within a short time, the wall was down. The seeds were sown in Leipzig and as a result, the city earned the tag, “Stadt der Helden” – City of Heroes.

The article is an extensive feature on the city, the club and its rivals in Leipzig, the famous Lokomotive.


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