Content Marketing – trends

ISHERWOOD attended a breakfast meeting this week at content agency Wardour on the subject of the top trends in content marketing in 2018. Here’s some takeaways from that event: The revival of print media Increasingly, companies and media groups are rediscovering the power of print media. But this is not the age of mass-circulation print … Continue reading Content Marketing – trends


WE were pleased to work with Banking Technology magazine on an interview with Javier Santamaria of the European Payments Council, discussing the arrival of SEPA SCT Inst payments, which has the potential to transform the payments landscape in Europe - life just got faster! To see the article, click here

The writing is still on the wall

IT has been some years since graffiti became recognised as an art-form, or rather a form of art. Anyone who has taken a train into any of Europe’s great cities will have seen this rather invasive genre adorning buildings, flyovers, bridges, goods vans and train shelters en route to the central terminus. It’s a feature … Continue reading The writing is still on the wall

The writing is on the wall

WORDS are weapons...the pen is mightier than the sword...we'd like to think so. In our troubled times, it is hard to believe that words and letters are still as powerful as they once were, but there is still a place for well constructed, simple and effective communication. Have we not had enough of "Low-hanging fruit", … Continue reading The writing is on the wall