UK Banking Reputation report

ISHERWOOD was delighted to work with Brand Finance on their UK Banking Reputation report. The UK banking sector, for many decades, was perceived as being a pillar of society and an integral part of the high street, with bank managers being treated as important members of the establishment. The financial crisis of 2008 curtailed this … Continue reading UK Banking Reputation report

Amsterdam – Money2020

IT was good to attend the recent Money2020 conference in Amsterdam for two important clients, Deutsche Bank and Earthport. Here’s what we wrote for Deutsche Bank, a review of the conference with an emphasis on the arrival of Open Banking.  Click here to see the article. Meanwhile, we produced an article for Earthport on the … Continue reading Amsterdam – Money2020

Disruptors and banks – GT News

AS ALWAYS, it was a pleasure working with Earthport on the post-Money2020 wrap-up. This piece was produced for GT News. Two years ago, there was a degree of agitation between the new kids on the block, the fintechs, and those staid, suit-wearing bureaucrats – the bankers. The fintechs talked of eating lunches, kicking the banks … Continue reading Disruptors and banks – GT News