The New European features article about Hungary’s Honved

WE'RE in the news again, with a feature in this week's New European newspaper. It's about Hungarian football's Honved. This is the club that gave the world Ferenc Puskas.  


Money2020 review for Deutsche Bank

MONEY 2020 was another step along the way towards creative co-existence between the disrupters and the traditional world of banking, which has woken up to the threat of financial technology and is talking boldly about “transformation” and “reinvention”. Isherwood Editorial provided a review for Deutsche Bank. You can see the story here

Brexit and the banks: Careful what you wish for

THIS ARTICLE was published on LinkedIn and has generated a lot of interest, with phenomenal hit rates. I WAS standing in a Doncaster pub when I read my former employer had announced that around 4,000 jobs were being reviewed as a result of Brexit. The chap next to me, wearing a Mansfield Town football shirt, … Continue reading Brexit and the banks: Careful what you wish for